W.A Johnson Dust DIverter


The Dust Diverter's hydraulic-powered motor moves 1,800 C.F.M. of free air at2,100 RPM, dispersing feederhouse dust to the ground and out of the operator's line of vision.

W.A. Johnson's Combine Feederhouse Dust Diverter is the first - and the original - dust diversion device on the market. The only hydraulically driven, metal formed, dust diversion device on the market.

Perfect for day and night time use!

Call today and find out how the Dust Diverter helps:

  • Increase visibility
  • Keep cab windshield and filters cleaner, reducing maintenance time
  • Reduce radiator clogs
  • Facilitate uninterrupted operation
  • Safely extend the work day
  • Can field-install with a 7/16" and 9/16" wrench only


The Dust Diverter can be installed in 30 minutes or less on any John Deere combine, including models dating back to the 7700. 


If your combine was made prior to the 9000 Series, bolt the diverter hinge onto the combine with our Dust Diverter base. The discharge hose is obsolete. The elbow is similar to the 9000 Series.

"My Dad and I found the Dust Diverter to be beyond our expectations. We were extremely amazed at how much more visibility we had and how much cleaner the combine cab and the front of the combine stayed."

— Thomas E. Delph, Anderson, Indiana

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Dust Diverter in action.

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