W.A Johnson Grain Saver / Rock Guard


  • $25 per foot of head width

The combine attachment that helps prevent grain from falling out and rocks from rolling in.

The flexible Grain Saver® Rock and Dirt Guard mounts on top at the rear of the sickle bar, across the full width of the header. It flexes with the sickle bar to enhance performance. Average assembly time is just five minutes per foot.

PATENT NUMBER: 6,070,401

W.A. Johnson's Grain Saver® Rock and Dirt Guard is the one today's farmers are talking about!

This revolutionary invention helps you reduce crop waste...increase your yield...enhance crop feeding... and helps prevent rocks and other foreign objects from entering your combine.
It attaches easily, blocking the flow of grain that falls off the cutter knife saving more grain during harvest. It also saves gathering auger and reel shattered beans. And, although most farmers use it for harvesting soybeans, the Grain Saver Rock and Dirt Guard is effective for harvesting edible beans, as well as small grain.

  • Stop valuable grain from falling into your fields
  • Helps prevent rock, dirt and other foreign objects from entering the combine, eliminating the need for costly repairs
  • Enhance the feedings of crops, including normal and short soybeans, wheat, and down wheat
  • Promote a continuous flow of crop into the combine to prevent clogging
  • Minimize or eliminate the need to stop and clear debris from the combine
  • Operate an average of two or more hours longer per day with reduced operator fatigue

"I have no doubt the Grain Saver has paid for itself many times over this year. And no more rocks in the feederhouse!"

— Thomas E. Delph, Anderson, Indiana

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